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All in the family, Season 9,, Fullscreen

All in the family, Season 9,, Fullscreen
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All in the family
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Season nine finds Mike and Gloria officially moved out, leaving Archie and Edith "on their own" for the first time in a long while. Of course, that doesn't last long when Edith's cousin Floyd abandons his nine-year-old daughter Stephanie (Danielle Brisebois) on their doorstep. But, as the Bunkers have grown accustomed to doing, they make the best -- and funniest -- out of a terrible situation and take her in. Meanwhile, it turns out the Stivics are on the rocks in California when Edith and Archie decide to pay a cross-country visit for Christmas. For this final season, Norman Lear hosted an endearing 90-minute 200th episode celebration that allowed fans of the show to look back and relive the greatest moments of the groundbreaking series. The special originally aired during the season nine run and is included in this set
Table Of Contents
Disc 1. Little Miss Bunker -- End in sight -- Reunion on Hauser Street -- What'll we do with Stephanie? -- Edith's final respects -- Weekend in the country -- Archie's other wife -- Edith versus the bank -- Return of the waitress. Disc 2. Bogus bills -- Bunkers go West -- California, here we are (one-hour special) -- Night at the PTA -- Girl like Edith -- Appendectomy -- Stephanie and the crime wave -- Barney, the gold digger. Disc 3. Return of Archie's brother -- Stephanie's conversion -- Edith gets fired -- 200th episode celebration -- Family next door -- Return of Stephanie's father -- Too good Edith
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All in the family, Complete 9th seasonAll in the family, Season 9All in the family, Season nine
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